Thai YogaMassage


Masterful Thai massage therapists facilitate and encourage healing in others through their sensitive touch, their application of metta (loving-kindness), and the atmosphere of safety, trust and confidence that they establish and maintain in their practice.


Thai massage, at its essence, is a spiritual healing art, not simply a physical therapy.

The traditionell Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art, which relaxes muscles, supports the self healing capacity of your body and benefits your physical comfort

and well-being system. Nuad Phaen Boran is the original designation for this ancient massage technique from Thailand and India means "healing touch".


Traditional Thai massage (nuad phaen boran in Thai language) is a unique and powerful healing art that combines physical, energetic, and spiritual healing techniques and concepts.

It is the skilful combination of applying both broad and targeted acupressure, finding and dissolving blockages, stimulating energy lines (sen), opening and toning the body with yoga-like stretches, and allowing and encouraging the receiver to engage in a process of self healing, relaxation, and renewal.